How big would a 100-200 f2.8 m43 OIS be?

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Re: How big would a 100-200 f2.8 m43 OIS be?

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Surely, some of that difference is the required image circle coverage too?

For long telephoto max aperture at long end and max FL define the size of front element group, and this group is the main contributor to lens size/weight.

It should be noted that the front element is the same size (or at least the same filter thread) for the 4/3 70-300mm vs. the m4/3 75-300mm, and the 30% weight savings seems a lot to be accounted for if it's just due to the 1/2 stop darker max aperture?

From the photos it looks like 4/3 version has significantly larger front element than m4/3.

BTW, filter size can be much larger than necessary. Oly 40-150mm also has 58mm filter size. But its front element is small, I use 46mm filters with step-down ring without problems on it.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see the specs of the rumored 50-150mm f/2.8 if it actually is real. My guess is a weight of 650 grams. Care to offer your prediction?

If the rumor is true, my prediction is that they will make F3.5 max aperture at long end. By doing that they will be able to keep the weight below 500 gram. Constant F2.8 would weight at least 700 gram.

I think we are in agreement there: likely f/3.5 at the long end. Now to wait and see if this thing is real...

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