How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

Aside from the type of CPU, at a "minimum" I would get a computer with 8GB ram (in 2 slots with 2 slots open) (watch out for motherboards that only have 2 slots for ram), 1TB HDD, at least some USB3 ports, a video port to match your current monitor (if you're not getting a new one) and a HDMI port to be able to connect to a TV set for movie playback.  If you get an Intel CPU, then the integrated intel graphics should be fine for what you listed (no games).

A dual core i3 should be capable of doing everything you listed.  But personally I built a PC using a quad core i5-2500K CPU because I like to have margins and not live on the edge plus no regrets in the future.  If you decide on an i5 CPU, be aware that i5 laptops are usually dual core.  i5 desktops can be dual core or quad core.  No need to get an i7 CPU IMO.

Do let us know what you eventually get and how you like it,

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