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Re: whats a post without photos

Hi Don,

it maybe is too much to judge a system from a batch of photos sent by an agency. What I would certainly agree with is that pros with expensive equipment manage to get great income out of their photography while using equipment with great faults.

Now, I don't want to sound like a teacher or something, but I have seen promotianal digital prints of small to rather big sizes with lenses that are not calibrated with the body, having strong FF or BF, WB varing from print to print from very warm to very cold and back again to very warm, with a crazy-soft corner (just one of four) etc. These were from pros with huge experience that manage to understand the project and making quickly important modifications at the time of shooting. However, in various technical parts of their work (AF Fine tuning, WB calibration of monitor and prints) they had serious problems that they could not even detect.

In the Canon photo there is something wrong. WB aside, the subject possibly moved between prefocus and actual shutter triggering (user error), a AF-FA calibration issue, decentered optics that soften the picture, strong NR to kill the noise, intentional bluring or other issues. We can not be sure as it is only one shot with unknown exif. To my eyes though, it seems very possible though that there is at least some FF, but still, only a guess.

Your technic for WB tuning is possibly qood enough if the output of your work is prints only. But this does not ensure your monitor calibration. If acurrate results are needed for both monitor viewing and prints and then comparison using both media (screen/paper), I believe that one needs two calibration processes for both media and the validation would be that the comparison of screen, print and actual subject give perfect results. Lightning conditions during validation has a role here too. Also, each LCD has a limitation to the colour it can actually present. I think you probably know these since you compare prints/plastic model/screen, but screens loose their setting very easily. I know of a guy that does his LCD colour calibration every morning... Maybe his is too nervous with it, maybe he sees more that we do.

Your K7 with mastered technic and controled condition to help its inevitable (as any camera) handicaps can offer enough resolution and very pleasing skin tones. Skin tones may not be the strongest point for Canon, but they can do better than the sample sent to you. But this does not make K7 any worst:).

Happy shooting


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