Lowincash - why do you prefer Nex 6 to Olympus OMD?

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Re: Lowincash - why do you prefer Nex 6 to Olympus OMD?

Hi lowincash, thanks for the detailed reply.

I almost never manual focus so I'm not bothered about focus peaking, but I fully agree about the lack of OMD grip and how good the Nex feels in the hand.

I also agree about Olympus Jpeg colours, which I loved on my Oly E3.  I also found them better in Raw compared with other cameras (Nikon and Panasonic), though you can do more about them in Raw, of course.

I've been dithering for a few weeks now, as while I'm not sure that I'd call myself lowincash I'm certainly not flushwithcash, and I want to buy a camera I'll keep.

The weakness in the OMD AF seems to be continuous focus, maybe the Sony hybrid system does better.  Do you have a view on this?

Thanks again,   Rens

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lowincash wrote:

Hey there,

Well, they're both great cameras and you can't go wrong with either one. Both has their pros and cons but in the end I chose the NEX6 is because I wanted focus peaking again, and try out the new hybrid AF system which so far seems pretty good (compared to the nex7 I had prior to the OMD). I originally wanted to keep both cameras but as I'm low in cash, I could not afford to keep them both. Below are just 3 main reasons why I like each camera.


- The IBIS is awesome, which is one of the main reasons I went with that camera. Using the rokkor 135 f2.8 lens on this camera, the image freezes in place and not bouncing around when handheld.

- Fast AF, very fast actually. It's very accurate and spot on 99% of the time. Only AF problem I had is in low light pretty dark places where it takes quite a bit to lock focus. Out of all the mirrorless cameras I've had, I think this one has the fastest AF.

- Weather sealed. I like the fact it's weather sealed and I was not afraid to take it on a canoe ride when I was in Hawaii. I don't really need weather seal but it was nice to have.


- Although the IBIS was great on the OMD, I still much prefer focus peaking and the NEX camera seems to be best for manual focusing. I would have definitely kept the OMD if it had focus peaking.

- Hybrid AF. I was really excited to hear they've included PDAF in this camera as I sometimes take pics of my friend's basketball tournament. I have yet to fully test it out but using the updated 18-55 kit lens it seems to be pretty good so far. I'll have to try out the 55-210 to see how it works in the basketball pics.

- Handling. I absolutely love holding the nex6/7. It fits perfectly in the hand thanks to the big grip, giving it a very secure hold even one handed. The OMD was a bit slippery at times and I didn't want to spend $$$ on the battery grip.

Also, a lot of folks talk about sensor size and stuff and although the OMD has a smaller sensor, the images came out great and with the right lens it'll give you nice depth of field. I had the Panasonic 25mm f1.4 lens with the OMD. I also prefer the Olympus jpeg over the Sony ones. Olympus colors are nice and warm whereas the Sony ones seems a bit artificial sometimes. I have a feeling I'm going to jump back and forth with different systems, which is what I have been doing lol There's no perfect camera and can't have everything so I think it really depends on what you shoot and what features are more important to you. Hope this helps and good luck with your decision =]

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