Question: Best Nex to EOS Adapter?

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re: Conurus notes on AF with their Smart EF to E-mount adapter Mk-II

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I am about to buy the Nex-6 and have tons of EOS lenses, therefore would be good to have this!

...also some months ago Kipon announced intention to release one, but so far there were no further news; you can check here:

just for the sake of completeness, as I'm collecting all infos on EF to E-mount smart adapters - here is yet another from China - the R.J. adapter for $270 + $25 extra for AF R.J. brief blog, not much data, but with YT videoit is being discussed elsewhere already, with a link in the previous post

cornucopia opened, and finally the mysterious MX (which was hinted some weeks back by Alpha Rumors) revealed although there are some pointers that Zhuoming and MX might be the same product

again, for completeness sake:

Autofocus is supported, with the following known limitations.

  • Autofocus speed is very slow and inadequate for most moving subjects. The autofocus speed is unfit for professional use for sure, and it would disappoint most enthusiasts.
  • Only Canon-branded lenses introduced in or after 2006 are officially supported. Autofocus is disabled for older Canon lenses and most third-party lenses, including most Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses and all Contax N lenses modified by Conurus.
  • On NEX camera bodies in camcorder form factor (e.g. FS series), autofocus may be available only in photo mode but not in movie capture mode.
  • Continuous AF is not supported.
  • For non-camcorder camera bodies (e.g. NEX-7), during movie capture, if the subject moves to a different distance, half-press the shutter release button to re-activate autofocus and lock onto the subject again. Since autofocus speed is slow, there may be visible disruption in the resulting footage.
  • The first two autofocus attempts are used to calibrate the lens and as a result may not lock successfully on the target. Half-press the shutter release button again and autofocus will lock successfully.
  • Autofocus may have difficultly locking onto subjects which are very close to the nearest focusing distance of the lens.
  • Autofocus accuracy depends heavily on the working condition of the lens. Lenses with hidden problems which may not be apparent on Canon DSLRs will lead to inaccurate and unreliable autofocus on Sony NEX. Typical problems of this kind that we have seen include an unsmooth/erratic autofocus mechanism (e.g. getting stuck intermittently at a certain focusing distance), a faulty/worn-out distance encoder or other faulty/worn-out internal sensors.
  • Autofocus is supported only on Mark II Smart Adapters but does not work on the older Mark I version.
  • Firmware version 14 or above is required. There is no firmware download but firmware update is a factory service procedure. Firmware version 14 is our first attempt at autofocus and we anticipate further improvements and bug fixes in future versions. Therefore, we advise existing Mark II Smart Adapter customers to wait for our next firmware release before sending in your adapter for firmware update.

more, with a partial list of lenses tested


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