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Re: D600->D4s?

spqr_ca wrote:

vFunct wrote

Who thinks Nikon will release a D4s/D4x combo late next year with the D4s using the 24 megapixel sensor of the D600 & the D4x with the sensor of a D800?

Processing and data transfer speed off the sensor would have to improve noticeably for that to happen any time soon. It will happen, history says that, but it's a ways a way yet.

That's why I mention late next year.

Given Moore's law, it should give us at least a 2.5x speedup in processing by then.

The sensor itself is fine, the sense-amp readouts, EXPEED processing, and buffer sizes would increase.

BTW most image sensors actually use 10+year old process technology, so the sensor quality itself is unlikely to change.  Nikon sensor are around 350nm, compared to the top process today that's about 22nm.  It's because sensor technology hit a limit around 10 years ago as smaller geometries don't capture any additional light per pixel.

(yes I designed CMOS image sensors..)

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