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Re: To title or not

Steve Throndson wrote:

To Wildbegonia,

A perfect photograph would not need a title. But if the viewer is helped to understand the image, then why not use one? Isn't it just one more tool in the photographer's kit? - like choosing to present a small print or a large one - a square crop or rectangle - vertical or horizontal - and choosing an appropriate mat and frame that will further the theme rather than work against it?

Books have titles. Paintings have titles. Sculpture too. It's human to want to name things.

"The act of naming is the great and solemn consolation of Mankind" . . . . . Elias Canetti

Here's a picture: Does it 'mean' more when titled "Little Miracle", or "Fujifilm 1/2.5" CCD" ?

I suppose if I were a much better photographer, I could have nudged the viewers into thinking 'miracle' without words . . . but I'm not that good.

Little Miracle

Thank you Steve, your first sentence is my answer.

In Art History there is just enough discourse about titles. Titles became more important as Art was moving towards abstrac painting and subjects, so yes, it was precisely to "help" the viewer or 'lead' him/her towards an understanding of what the painting or subject was about.  As we become more familiar with the art movements and its changes, artists are choosing more and more 'Untitled' works.  Titles limit the perception of what a painting (or a photo here) means to the viewer.  Just look at the recent challenge "What is this" .  Pick any photo submmited, and see all the different guesses one photo gets, specially if the image is abstract.  Now, pick an abstract subject, from passed challenges, say Guilt, Fear, Alone, notice that best photos do not need a title, alone they stand, the image conveys  the subject very well, noneed of title.  After all, picture should be worth a thousand words, someone say, and many repeate but do not practice. "Silence is so accurate" Rothko.

"Character,like a photograph, develops in darkness"

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