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Lawnmower Shooter wrote:

JimBim wrote:

Why everyone asking for FF? Why not to buy wider lenses?
Why nobody asking for a reliable flash metering, fast autofocus from Pentax? At moment I considering Nikon 600 or Canon 6. But not for FF, but for latter reasons. FF just for the reason, that prices are close to a crop sensor. I do a lot of shooting job indoors with a low light. But Pentax will stay No1 for travel photography.

Haa I know what you mean about the flash metering. I am new to pentax and couldn't believe it when I had to adjust iso depending on my subject distance. I can do it, but if I were in a hurry it could really screw up some important shots. As for the FF, I would prefer it more because it allows higher resolution without drawbacks from too high pixel density (greater diffraction for one). I haven't shot much landscape lately so the WA aspect isn't a big deal but resolution and low light ability are reason enough for me. I will however say that my IIs does just fine for what it costs, I won't complain.

I'm with you 100% stuff FF correct the flash exposure, though usable it takes considerably more effort than it has any right to.

Noobs are put off from the start which will indirectly affect sales of external flashes.

The AF I'm not so sure at this price point it already faster than any other camera, I think Pentax direction adding features rather than speed is the correct approach.

To improve the AF to the pro bodies standard would require the same dual/quad CPU structure and price !

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