P7700 users please help. ?Faulty on/off button

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: P7700 users please help. ?Faulty on/off button

KennethKwok wrote:

I just bought a P7700 yesterday.

I fully charged the battery.

Yet, when I press the on/off button, sometimes it turns

on immediately, sometimes it does not.

I thought.... maybe the internal battery (that keeps the date and time)

sucked up some power.

I waited overnight.

This morning, sometimes pressing the on/off button five times, and the

camera would not wake up.

Sometimes it works instantly

Any similar experience please?

I am considering to return the camera tomorrow.

I too have experienced this. I would press power button (and not a brief press but solid one) and it wouldn't come on. Sometimes it would take more than two, even several, presses for it to come on. In the end I returned it (because I also had "lens error" with it). No problems whatsoever with different copy though, works like a charm (to knock in the wood).

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