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A comparison request

I've used DxO, Ligntroom, and Photoshop for several years.

I used to prefer DxO over lightroom for intital raw conversion due to it's lens correction capabilities.

When Dx0 7 came out I compared it to LR 3.6. The difference between the two was hardly noticeable on most images with a slight advantage going to DxO. Adobe had substantially improved its lens correction capabilities from the previous version of LR.

From a workflow standpoint, I like LR more and appreciate its integration to Photoshop when I want to do some heavy editing work on an image.

That said, I'm now wondering whether to bother upgrading to DxO 8. I'm certain I'll upgrade to LR 4.

DxO claims to have improved its lense correction and micro detail processing; so, I'm curious which is better.

If you have time, I would be pleased to see your thoughts on comparing DxO 8 to LR 4 in terms of image sharpness, detail, and overal image quality.

By the way, in DxO 7 the GPU processing does not necessarily engage even if the computer is capable of it. There were posts on DxO's own forums on this issue around the 7.0 release. It's possible that issue may have carried over to DxO 8.

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