Pro DX is Dead

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Re: Pro DX is Dead

Patco wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

I'd say it is just as likely, if not more so, to make the D7200 upscale a bit, and forget the D400...if they want to sell more units and at a higher price.

D7200 at 7 or 8 fps, 24 megs...


mirrorless body...for 12 spring also.

Why are people talking about a "D7200" when there hasn't yet been a "D7100", which, following Nikon's naming convention as seen in the D3x00 and D5x00, should come before the "D7200".

We're just guessing that Nikon might want to keep the D7xxx series in sync with the D5xxx and D3xxx so the next D7000 upgrade might be a D7200 even though there never was a D7100.  It's just a placeholder name so it doesn't mean anything other than the next camera in that series.

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