Brand New XZ-2 Review in PhotoReview Australia with particularly stunning test result!!!

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Re: Brand New XZ-2 Review in PhotoReview Australia with particularly stunning test result!!!

chafouin wrote:

Oh please, be objective... I've been waiting months for the XZ-2, was hoping for a killer camera. Unlike you I went to the shop to test it, took samples, post processed them in Lightroom and Olympus Viewer. I don't even own a RX100, I'm certainly not a fanboy, otherwise I would have already bought it months ago instead of waiting for the XZ-2, but I can see in tests that the image quality is just better, period.

That said, if you just post your pics on flickr, the XZ-2 image quality is definitely good enough. If you don't care about video, the XZ-2 is a great camera.

But the XZ-2 has lots of other advantages: touchscreen, very fast focus with touch shutter, lens is brighter than the P7700 and can compensate the high ISO performance, tilting screen that the G15 doesn't have.

The review would have not be biased if it had said that the XZ-2 image quality was lower than the RX100, but that the camera had a lot of other features that deserve to be looked at. The XZ-2 might even deserve a better overall mark than the RX100 for its photographic capabilities, but not for the image quality. Also these reviews seem to never take the movie capabilities in account.

If DPR is kind, they'll bury the XZ-2 review some 6 months after release. Instead of substantive improvements, they put it in a fresh wrapper, gave it a tilt screen (albeit at the expenses of a thicker body and added weight), fixed the most glaring XZ-1 flaw (always on NR) and called it a day. No 24mm wide end or f1.4-2.3 zoom like the LX-7, no smaller size and 1" sensor with outstanding detail and high ISO performance like the RX100, no major improvements to lackluster video.

Yet a premium price for now pedestrian features in an over sized body. And while Panasonic and Samsung prices acknowledge they're not in the same class as the RX100, already being discounted on Amazon at $410 and $389 respectively, Olympus has the hubris to charge $600 for a run-of-the-mill small-sensored enthusiast compact.

How quickly they've fallen by resting on their laurels. The thought of waiting another entire product cycle for the XZ series to try and play catch up with the rest of the pack is unfortunate.

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