Pocket Camera to Accompany a DSLR

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Re: Pocket Camera to Accompany a DSLR

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently selling my G11 because I just purchased a Canon t4i with several lenses, external flash, tripod, etc. I don't really have a need for my previous "best" camera because the t4i was bought to replace it.

I'm looking to purchased a good point and shoot that'll fit in my pocket (or my wife's purse) to have with us at all times, and in some cases where we might not want to carry around the big camera (like an Anniversary dinner).

I've outlined my current choices and reasons for them below. Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated:

  • Olympus ZX-1 - $200 on Amazon right now. Good reviews. Significantly smaller than G11. Great lens.
  • Sony DSC RX100 - $648 on Amazon. Much larger sensor than ZX-1 and G11, but is smaller in size (which is a perk). Didn't really want to spend $448 over the good price on the Olympus.
  • Canon S95 - Less than $200 used. I've always used Canon, so this is why it's here. In the sub $200 price range, I'm currently leaning towards the Olympus just to try something new. However the S95 is noticable smaller than the Olympus (about the same size as the Sony).

RX100 can replace (or even beat) 18-55 lens on your T4i if one of the lenses is that one. XZ-1 is a couple of stops below, but incredibly good value right now. So it basically comes down to price between these 2.

S95 is not worth a consideration. It would be simpler (and probably cheaper, I doubt you can get $200 for it) just to keep the G11.

For what it's worth, I don't have the 18-55. I have the 18-135 STM, 55-250, 28mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.8.

Well then, RX100 can replace 18-60 of that 18-135. The rest in good light with some lower resolution.

The average sell price for the G11 on eBay over the past couple of weeks that I've have been watching usually go between $190 and $230, so I don't think it'll be hard at all to get that much out of it.

Yeah, $190, and then subtract ebay fee and paypal fee. And pay for delivery, with delivery confirmation and insurance.

I'll probably go with the RX100 just because of the price. I think I'd rather spend the other $400 towards another lens for the t4i.

You mean XZ-1, right? It is smaller and better than G11, but just a few mm here and there, 100g and not even 2 stops. If you can sell G11 for $200, may be it is a right thing to do.

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