The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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Re: Why would you call Sony?

Be it BM's firmware issue or A99's issue, the experience you got simply showed bad service from sony.

Lucky for those who got good support, but if sony wants to be taken seriously in pro market they need to step up. It not like we even have an option to pay for pro membership to get a good service. Canikon user has that choice at least.

Thanks.  I talked to a "one level up from basic phone support" guy today, based in Florida.  He still didn't understand that grabbing a stream from the HDMI port is different than making a recording onto a memory card.  Then he tried claiming that "someone higher up just informed him" that the camera only supports 60p and 60i, and my pointing out "24p" on the website must be a "misprint / miscommunication".  (Never mind the fact I'm not even getting 60i, just 59.98i - which is NOT the same.)

I tried to educate him on the whole reason why uncompressed HDMI capture is a big deal, pointed him at that "The Calling" video Sony commissioned (which uses some 24p HDMI capture for green-screen use, at least) and told him to bump this issue WAY up the food chain.  We'll see what happens.

If Sony is trying to back out of HDMI 24p support, when they've not only listed it as a feature, but hyped this as the end-all and be-all of Video/Still cameras, MANY customers will feel burned, and Sony DSLTs will never recover in the pro market from the brand damage.

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