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My thoughts.

Depends on what your style is, and what you shoot. M43 IQ is good to excellent - depending on camera chosen and lens. M43 will not focus as quickly for action shots or generally for bird in flight shots. It can be done by presetting focus, but isn't as good as a fairly decent DSLR...generally speaking. M43 focus however is very accurate once established. To put it simply a full frame DSLR such as the new Nikon and Canon offerings will have more DOF control if your style is for limited DOF. Also simply put, a full frame DSLR also collects more total light, giving a better signal to noise ratio if the sensors are of equal design etc. But the new breed of all sensors have risen to such performance levels in all good cameras, that for intents and purposes, it may not matter only in the most extreme of circumstances. Ideally I would use both, but cannot afford two systems (well I do have two or three - since I've got film for limited DOF shots) so I use M43, since the 'real' benefit is size and weight along with very good image quality for my uses. I find that my Canon DSLR (cropped sensor) is usually not carried, although I did buy some macro tubes for it, and may get a macro lens sometime. Smaller M43 cameras are also much less intimidating to people. (and yes the GH3 is getting big - but still not so big for video at which the GH series seems to excell - but don't think that it's a good direction for still frame M43 - size wise )

For myself I bought a high end P&S to carry around back when, rather than my Canon and a 20+ pound bag of lenses. The P&S did great in good light, one of the only (or the only) P&S cameras that DPR ever used in a comparison to a DSLR. I missed having interchangeable lenses, so then got into M43, plus because of the registry distance, I could use my old manual focus film lenses. My EPL1 is actually smaller than my P&S, and I'm very tempted by the EPL5.
The G5 seems a nice camera too. The basic to me was that a camera left at home can't take pictures.

Just my thoughts on this.

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