Why do the A99 and A77 have different shutter sounds?

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Quite simple

goetz48 wrote:

The A99 shutter has to do a longer travel than the A77 one. FF has more drawbacks than $$$.

The longer shutter curtain travel isn't necessarily a drawback.  The A99 has the same 1/250s sync speed as the A77, so no disadvantage there.

The fact that the sync speed is the same for both models suggests that the A99 shutter curtains travel faster than those of the A77 (probably about 1.5X faster).  So, when shooting the A99 in APS-C mode, the shutter curtain(s) will traverse the APS-C-sized portion of the sensor in about 2/3rds the time it would take on the A77 (probably around 1/375s, or thereabout).

It's true that Sony doesn't provide you the ability to fully exploit this, by offering faster sync speeds (or shutter speeds) in APS-C mode than in FF mode.  But the physically faster shutter curtains can still provide some advantage in terms of fast motion capture -- such as helicopter rotor blades, or other fast-moving objects that can appear artificially curved or skewed when shot with a camera using a focal plane shutter that moves too slowly.


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