Does anyone know where I can download Dimage Image Viewer Utility for Dimage 7

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Re: Does anyone know where I can download Dimage Image Viewer Utility for Dimage 7

Turbguy1 wrote:

You can get the software in the files section of this Yahoo group. You have to join yahoo groups (free) to access.

ALSO you can get all firmware updates (if you need them) there, to upgrade your D7 to a D7UG! Instructions for updating the firmware are in one of the folders, AND MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY, OR YOU MIGHT "BRICK" THE CAMERA!

Once the DiMage 7 is updated to UG status you no longer need the specific Minolta software to handle its rather oddball shooting Colour Space. After updating the camera is changed to shoot in sRGB space, the most common. This means any editing software will do for its JPEGS, and there are better choices than that from Minolta... (Photoshop Elements, say).

Alternatively, shoot in RAW. Most RAW converters will still be able handle the MRW files, I think. Download a couple of trial versions to check...[??]

Note: DiMage 7 makes an excellent Infra Red Camera. All you need is a special filter..Hoya R72. No other modification necessary.

The DiMage 7 is worth hanging on to for this feature alone.

49mm mm sized filter is cheap and perfectly usable, but with tiny amount of vignetting at corners when shooting widest angle.. but it is easily fixed in editing, which IR will always need, anyway.

Google Hoya IR

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