5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Why not?

Victor Engel wrote:

In part because of the faster shutter action. With a focal plane shutter, you have a lag from the top of the frame to the bottom of the frame. For the 5D Mark II (I think the Mark III is similar), the electronic shutter takes about 1/30 second to traverse the frame. That's 33 ms right there. There is a similar operation performed by the mechanical shutter. Theoretically, the electronic shutter could start sweeping before the first curtain is finished. I have no idea if it does or not. If it does, then there is a hard limit of the slower of the mechanical and electronic shutters.

If you really care about 20ms, which part of the frame do you want your subject to be timed correctly on?

This type of discussion reminds me of those other discussions regarding more DR in sensors.

"Sure EXMOR sensors have more DR but prove us that these extra DR is actually useful."

Why do I have to prove that 20ms less shutter lag is a good thing?

If you can't figure it out then more power to you so won't need to upgrade.

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