Which to buy Panasonic GF-5 or GX-1?

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guidodg wrote:

Hi guys...I need some advice

I have a Panasonic GH-2 with the 14-140, 100-300 and 45mm macro lenses.

I also use a Nikon D7000 mostly for macro with the 105mm

I now want to buy a very small body like the GF-5 or GX-1 with the small 14-42 power zoom lens to take along when mountain biking, hiking etc or as a 2nd camera when hiking with one of the 2 bigger cameras above

Which of the 2 bodies should I go for...GF-5 or GX-1?

Size is the main issue and the GF-5 is a little smaller than the GX-1 but gives less control and possibly slightly inferior images.

I also have a tiny Canon s90 with the polarizer filter attachment and am considering getting the S100 has a wider 24mm lens equivalent on the short end which is useful for landscapes...

What to do? GF-5, GX-1, Canon S100 or stick with the Canon S90 I have now?

Any other cameras or bodies? Perhaps an Oly body?


The PZ 14-42mm will produce blurry images at the long end.

Perhaps you want to try it yourself, before you commit to purchase.

I tried two GF3's with PZ and had poor results.


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