NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

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What's the reasoning behind an upgrade from a 5N to a 5R?

If you're gonna waste money, might as well get good glass.

Are you serious? Answer: Lotsa.

The only reason you have mentioned is...

"I'm thrilled about the USB charging option now " and "WiFi"

Besides that is the limited PDAF worth $300?

Are there any reliable reviews on the benefits of PDAF on the sensor?

Well, as far as I know not! So how can you tell the PDAF is limmited?

Numerous threads have shown the PDAF is limited. Search and read them.

Start here...

I REALLY want to like this camera, but so far like the OP and others, I think the 5N is a much better deal.

Well, get the 5-N then..! Life is full of choices and that's a beautiful think. Its seems the 5-N suddenly became the greatest camera ever (for some) after the price drop. Just keep in mind that not everyone makes buying decisions based on price only.

One can say that the 5-N is an awesome camera for the price (and I agree). But to say that it's better that the next generation of that particular model, and without anything tangible to support that theory is a little foolish. So is trying to convince everybody of such thing..

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