M4/3 or APS-C

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How to take shots of people in low light

Use flash.

There's no magic going to happen with APS-C.  You can get a stop or so extra from the sensor, but fundamentally the correct solution is usually flash ( for any camera ).

If you can use flash try a fast lens ( a lens with a wide maximum aperture = low f-number ).  The downside of this is a small depth of field, making depth of field, particularly for groups, a major issue.

Using flash eases the problems with narrow depth of field, and using bounced (or diffuse) flash removes the issue of harsh flash effects.

I'd again emphasize that this holds regards of whether you choose m4/3 or APS-C.  Now with the latest generation of full frame sensors ( which cost a lot more than a flash ! ) you can push a fast lens a bit harder, but it's still not a great solution and depth of field will always be a challenge with a fast lens.

Also note that focus is problematic in low light.  Flash and/or a flash assist lamp can help a lot with that.

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