K-5 IIs / K-5 II VS. Canon 1D-IV - can you tell the difference?!

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Re: Yes, this comparison is pointless: more

it's HUGE price premium?

Yes, there is a depth of field or focus issue comparing examples, which one is the best here? (clearly the 1DIV is front focused or something relative to the others making this comparison pointless).


The 1DIV is worth the price if you need the focus capabilities, high ISO, etc. Interestingly, it shows more moire than the K-5IIs, I imagine because of the larger pixels.


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Hi Eric,

I see your point... But honestly?

Even if I really try to, even if I DL the originals and take a real close look -
well, I can't say there's no difference *at all*, because there is.. Some, very subtle difference.

But from IQ perspective, the difference is definitely limited to things you can see when pixel peeping, even at ISO 6400,
and given the price difference ($6900 to $1500) - I think that Pentax did a wonderful job with that camera.

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