M4/3 or APS-C

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Agree with J. Farrar plus... sensor with Hi ISO / LN, fast glass and good NR sftwr.

john farrar wrote:

It's more likely a dynamic range issue. Take a look at the info on the sensors in the database in the website linked to below. 16mp APS-C will be 'better' than the latest 24mp but maybe only half a stop. I think you'd need to go back up to 35mm full frame to see anything really significant.


Hi ISO Performance - I agree with John regarding the DR. In addition, it's important to have a sensor / camera system that has excellent (by today's standards) Hi ISO / low noise capability.

Fast glass - This not only provides for subject isolation, but it sometimes allows you to shoot in lower light situations (compared to "non-fast glass"). By "fast glass" I'm referring to f2.8 or faster.

Noise Reduction Software - Another factor is that there is some excellent NR software that allows you to shoot with higher-than-normal ISO values. I use Topaz DeNoise which is a plug-in for CS5, 6. This allows me to "comfortably" shoot with my Nikon D300 APS-C sensor up to ISO 1600. If I didn't have this great NR software, I'd most likely limit the ISO to 800 or less.

Hope this helps you and others 'listening".


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