Samples comparing 85 1.4G and 85 1.8G

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Re: Samples comparing 85 1.4G and 85 1.8G

ekomorgan wrote:

I am looking for comparison photos between these two lenses. I have done searches on the web and couldn't find anybody. Hoping someone here might know of a link or thread.

I want to get an 85 for portraits and am trying to decide if it is worth it to me to spend the extra for the 1.4G.

Here is what it will be used on and for:

  • I have a D700
  • I photograph young children, so AF speed is important
  • If I get the 1.8G I will just buy it outright. If I decide on the 1.4G I will need to sell my 24-120 f/4 to help pay for it.

Take a look at the following, I found them very helpful in addition to the posts / comments in this forum and the Mansurovs reviews.  In the first make sure to click-through on the bokeh comparisons to see the full images.

I picked up the 1.8G instead of the 1.4G and I'm really impressed.  I haven't tried the 1.4G but the 1.8G is extremely sharp, good rendition, and very nice bokeh.  Focusing speed is reported to be about the same for both primes but the 1.8G is slightly slower than my 24-120 f4.  Not unacceptably so.  Unless you really need the extra 2/3 stop, need the Nano coating, or have excessive funds to splurge I don't see how you can go wrong with the value of the 1.8G.  One final note, the 1.8G with lens hood attached is only slightly smaller than the 24-120 f4 retracted to 24mm.  The 1.4G would be bigger yet.

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