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Re: Pro DX is Dead

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

In fact the first sales drop of D300 was when ...D700 appeared and the second cannibalizing was from ...D90 which had the same IQ. There after D300 was never a competitive camera in the market... This means that asking Nikon to replace the camera with a product baring the same philosophy, is like asking them to commit a marketing suicide at that price point... They will rather go with what secures them high sales and this is providing a better alternative than Canon's 7D... and since D7K already does that in terms of photographic IQ... they will advance video quality (7D's other strong selling point) further....

Saying that the D90 has the same IQ as the D300 shows you have zero understanding of what the D300 is uniquely capable of (action sports).  That's like saying that the D3200 has even better IQ than the D7000 or D300.  It all depends upon what you're shooting and what your camera requirements are.  I will need to discuss with you no further.

If Nikon doesn't care to serve the action sports market with a mid-range price product that is optimized for action sports at least as well as the D300 was, then I'm sure some other manufacturer will and those customers can then decide whether to stay with Nikon or not.  Yes, this market segment has been split by other products, but has not been replaced by those other products.

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