105mm polarizer wanted: cirular or linear?

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Leon Obers Senior Member • Posts: 2,788
Re: 105mm polarizer wanted: cirular or linear?

I do have a circular polariser as well linear. Never found big differences between them, not for light metering, not for AF (just tried it again in a test). I think the written disadvantages of a linear filter are far exaggerated. For some types of cameras it could give a wrong AF. Which camera?

Don't think a circular version is the holy grail. It do have their drawbacks never written about it. Found circular polariser can have more difference for getting correct white balance. Find that much more annoying than an eventually difference for AF. (You can make use of contrast AF by LiveView, not bothered by any faults).

My linear polariser is a bit more light (not that dark) as the circular version. So less disadvantage for light loss.

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