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Re: Looking for more sharpness

arty H wrote:

Some macro lenses and sharp primes may give you sharper images in the corners than you can get with zooms. Whether or not this matters depends on the subject matter and apertures you are using. In addition, some lenses will be sharper at closer distances (macro lenses), while others may do better at far distances. The lenses that I mentioned are known to do well at near and far distances.

The only downside of macro lenses is that AF is going to be slower, but you can get fast AF with the Canon 100 mm macro lenses. If you do decide to get a macro lens, I recommend getting one with a focus limiter, so the lens won't go through the full range of focus distances if it hunts for focus indoors. If you stay with Canon lenses, the color rendition will be the same as the lenses you own. If you go with a different brand, color can be rendered a little differently, and you may like it or not, depending on personal taste. I am much more likely to use the shorter macro lenses, the 35 and 50 for my purposes, since they can be easy to use for general purpose shooting. For example, I used my Tokina 35F2.8 at a kid's birthday party and it was fine, and produced lots of nice shots. It is sharp wide open.

The 17-55IS is a sharp lens, and better than most zooms. It is going to be sharper stopped down to F4 or F5.6 than wide open. This may or may not be an issue, but it depends on the subject matter.


Thanks so much for this.  I am going to look over some of those lens tonight.  I appreciate it a lot!


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