Buying into the Nikon 1 system

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Re: Buying into the Nikon 1 system

You make a good point about reality and expectations. I can say without reservations that I have no delusion (at least as far as I am concerned!) as to the potential and limitations. A few of the reasons behind my desire for the Nikon 1 system:

1. I want to be descrete when capturing an image (in many instances).

2. I wanted something of smallish size. I want to have it with me without being a distraction to me or others. I wanted fairly lightweight. I am not a pocketable camera guy. A wriststrap works nicely.

3. EVF(the add on ones aren't cheap and make camera a bit awkward by their introduction) The V1 is sweet with its integration.

3. Image quality:

I want decent file to start with, I am planning on shooting strictly black and white with some selective colorization.

I rarely print images.

V1 has better image potential than advanced compacts. I had the RX100 but it was too small and I didn't enjoy shooting without an evf. Sure, it offers some a great feature set and more effective resolution than V1, however, given my needs, the 10mp files will work.

toanycanons wrote:

Raw Images Raw Talk wrote:

An unexpected thing happen on my way to moving away from DSLR-land and m43 systems, I discovered the amazing value of the V1. I've owned advanced compacts in the past, to include P7100, G12, TL500, get the point. The current V1 2 lens kit prices are impressive given the skills of the system vs the latest models of the aforementioned compacts.

I couldn't resist buying after reading some reviews from Steve Huff and others. Sure, I could have gone with the 2, but, I think that can wait til sometime in 2013.

I look forward to picking up some useful info in this forum.

So Mr. All Raw All The Time, have you shot with your V1 yet? How about how the reality compares with your expectations. Thanks.

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