5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Why not?

David Hull wrote:

Nope, not a fanboy, as I said, I just asked fair and honest question (to which you have not as yet provided any semblance of an answer).

FWIW: Most people don't shot at the Olympics, those few that do, won't be using the D800 or the 5DIII they will be using something like a 1Dx that bangs away at 12 FPS and that is the mode they will be using it in where shutter lag is not a factor. Here is a histogram of typical measured human reaction times for shutter presses (actually mouse clicks but it is pretty much the same thing).


Looks to me like the typical reaction time is around .2 seconds. You can read his comment about 20ms if you like.

You definetely come across as a fanboy in my book.

My guess is that you view sensor with extra DR as unimportant to you.

The Olympic comment was not meant to be taken literally.

It meant that it is an advantage for fast moving object where miliseconds can make a big difference.

20ms is 10% of .2 seconds and that is significant to me.

Ideal shutter lag should be zero.

If less shutter lag is unimportant then why do the Canon pro models have less shutter lag?

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