2012 Mac mini Fusion Drive or SSD

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Re: 2012 Mac mini Fusion Drive or SSD

graybalanced wrote:

Slava Ivanov wrote:

-FD plus External ? (work on FD and keep backup files on External)

This would make your FD relatively safe if your backup was kept up to date.

I think the FD reliability question needs to be put into perspective. Oh sure, FD is less reliable than a single drive, but how does that make daily usage any different? Even if someone chose a single drive...they'd still need a near-line backup anyway to protect their business! No difference.

The difference is your system is spread over two drives that could fail instead of just one. You therefore increase the risk. Even with backups you are going to be up and running fully again like you were before quicker with either a SSD/standard drive combo or single drive than you would be with a FD. For a pro that is very important if you have deadlines to meet. It could be all the difference of making a deadline and keeping a client or not.

- 2-SSDs? plus External ( keep OS on one and have room to keep my working files on the other)

Well, if you can afford this, seems like it would be the best, since you'd have done the best you can on speed, capacity, and redundancy.

If it helps, Ars Technica just published a review of the FD Mac mini.

Review: The Mac mini takes the Ivy Bridge to Fusion Town

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