What a great supprise.

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Re: whats a post without photos

Donald B wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Sorry, Don - I agree that the Canon skin tones are wrong but the Pentax ones look just as bad in the opposite direction. The Pentax version looks as if she is sufering from jaundice, with even the eyes having a yellow cast. The Canon eyes look natural (although with no shadow detail - it's just the skin that's wrong in that one.

Hi gerry , when i hold my hand to the screen it looks the same skintone colour i think people are confused what is actually skintone ? they think its pink ? wrong.

Hi Don.  Is your monitor calibrated?  The skin tone I see is nothing like my hand; and as I said before, the whites of her eyes look yellow on my monitor.  This is the first time I've seen a face that colour out of all the Pentax shots posted here.

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