Yes folks it really does happen!

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Re: Yes folks it really does happen!

Bob Tullis wrote:

Ten years ago when I felt conspicuous with the first EOS 1D, I could walk the city (more so Central Park) without seeing another photographer. IF/when I did notice one with gear it was obvious they were experienced.

Today it's difficult to take a shot of something in the city without a 'photographer' being in the scene. The amount of cameras in use in Times Square on any evening is mind boggling. DSLRs are common, most of them with flashes going and hoods reversed on 24-70 sized lenses. Long white lenses are becoming more and more common to see too.

But one does spot the young man or woman that knows what they're doing, studiously.

Being somewhat self-conscious, it's odd to feel invisible w/camera in the city nowadays.

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...Bob, NYC
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There's an ongoing discussion at a Canon forum I frequent where the OP is asking for gear recommendations for Disney. His initial thoughts are a 1-series, a 5-series, an UWA zoom, standard zoom, and telephoto zoom, with all the lenses being constant f/2.8. He's not choosing between those items but rather planning to bring all of them. All of that with a couple of small children in tow and still asking whether there's any reason to bring more gear. Thankfully there are some very sensible suggestions in the thread to downsize.

I shudder to think that before m4/3 I used to be that guy I still carry entirely too much gear on trips but it all takes up the size and weight of 1 DSLR and 1 high quality zoom.

Bob, I hope you're not one of those "ugh, tourists" New Yorkers. We tourists are keeping you living in the style to which you have become accustomed I know the nutso DSLR-ers are making it hard on you though--I sympathize. On the other hand have you considered doing a photo study on tourists in general or maybe photo tourists in particular? With your eye for a good shot I'm sure you'd have a lot of fun and build up an interesting collection of photos while doing it.

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