Astoundingly good GH3 first hard data comparison

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Re: Amusing

Bob Meyer wrote:

Some of the replies in this thread are amusing. While I agree that many of the numbers in's chart don't make sense, the attitude of the Oly boys that there's just no way a Panasonic could ever, even remotely possibly, surpass the God given gift of the OM-D is even less sensible, as it's based on no knowledge at all.

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Are you sure you're in the right thread?  None of the replies so far sound anything like what you're saying.  By know we all know full well that you hate how hyped the E-M5 is--we get it.  What's amusing is how much it clouds your judgment in a thread where there are no "Oly boys" to be seen.

You said it yourself: the numbers don't make sense.  GH3 might very well turn out to be the pinnacle of achievement for m4/3 and I hope it does because every improvement pushes the whole format forward, but we won't gather any meaningful info from's numbers.

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