Sony A99 vs Canikon FF for professional use

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Re: Sony A99 vs Canikon FF for professional use

Biggs23 wrote:

KAllen wrote:

Any camera is capable of pro results, clients in general know nothing of the equipment the job is taken on. For some MF is the only way to go or a camera with movements for others. I want stills and video without fuss at a saleable quality. This Sony might do a better job than the X or it might not. I will at least wait and see, although I could do with it sooner rather than later.

My gut reaction is that the Sony will offer better usability for video in virtually every regard. The question will only be: how does the video quality compare? If I were a videographer I really think I would want a couple of these, especially at a $2800 price point.

I bought the X. Best camera I've ever had.


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