FZ200 - 2 questions please

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Re: FZ200 - 2 questions please

ANAYV wrote:

I believe if using 2fps AF or 5.5fps AF you get 'live view'.

Seems continuous to my eyes.

When panning on a crossing target while shooting in burst mode?

Older FZ's F35 and older) had a delay, and had the 'view freeze' as you mentioned.

I used to hate the freeze, when shooting 'high speed' AF on older models.The delay seemed huge....over a second at times.

I always shot with AF spot, to avoid it.

Exactly, with the FZ8 and FZ35/38 I get the best results with AF-S and single, separate shots.  Panning with burst mode gives me EVF blackout.

Unless the action is easy to keep within the frame by "guesswork".  Or by using a "gun sight" technique and not the EVF, as mentioned above.

And would you use AF-C for this, especially if the dog is running partly towards you?

sorry can't help here.....but looking to try out the AF-C see if it's any good. My FZ10 had it, but it wasn't good at all .

I agree, based on the FZ8 and FZ35/38.  In any case, to be of much use it has to be predictive, and I don't know whether it is.

Thanks for your comments.


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