Pentax lens pricing

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Re: As usual ...

il_alexk wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Only £1,099.00

The original post complaint was about US Pentax pricing policy, so UK prices are irrelevant.

Anyway, have you tried checking B&H prices to check if your perception is aligned with the truth?

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trying to get perspective on it, not complaining per se. When I searched the forums I saw people in 2005 complaining about the same thing.

Thanks to everyone for the answers, I am still reading on because I think it is interesting. I am still undecided, and the only issue with the K5 I have is that I cant try it before I buy it. (the otehr thing that teases me is that our lab has some nikon lenses - its an optics lab - and I could try these if I got on for a Nikon body)

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