From NEX to I mad??

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
john farrar
john farrar Veteran Member • Posts: 5,038
Mad?? - Not necessarily

Those little cameras are great and with nice image quality, but they're 'neither fish nor fowl'... neither small enough to be pocketable with an wide-tele zoom lens nor big enough to be handled absent-mindedly.  I'm sure it is possible to get used to them though, and we will probably soon need to if they continue to erode the upgrade path from compact to DSLR.

I was thinking maybe I could be happy with that form factor, but having handled them, decided that there's still no ergonomic alternative to a DSLR if you have to handle large lenses & big flashguns, and no solution for an 'always with you' camera other than a top notch smartphone. It meant I got rid of compact cameras and bridge camera and needed a DSLR upgrade that had bridge camera characteristics in terms of useable EVF. The A57 ticked those boxes for me this year.

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