D800E and 70-200: how much better is VRII over VRI?

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Re: D800E and 70-200: how much better is VRII over VRI?

JurassicPizza wrote:

I've had a 70-200 VRI for several years, and used it on a few different DX cameras and now a D800E. It's been my workhorse telephoto during that time, with the 300/4 AF-S available for more reach, and I use it for landscapes first and everything else second. I also have a 70-300 VR, but it sits on the shelf because I've been happy with neither the handling nor the image quality.

The D800E was my first FX camera, and I certainly notice the corner issues, so a replacement has been in the back of my mind for a while. This could go a few different ways:

1 - Do nothing and live with the corners.

2 - Replace it with the new 70-200/4, although I'm leaning away from that because of the speed and the filter size.

3 - Replace it with the 70-200 VRII.

Particularly for landscapes, on this camera, is the VRII really that much better? Would it also give me a more viable alternative to my 300/4 with TCs?

I should note that I don't do portraits and really don't care about the breathing issue.

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I bought a second hand 70-200 VR I and use it on my d800. I'm very happy with it. I find it very sharp, and I've shot plenty of landscapes with it. Let's be realistic... how much do the extreme corners of the frame matter? This is a photojournalism lens, suited for weddings, event coverage, sports etc. Most of the time, your subject is in the central portions of the frame and not the extreme corner.

The VRII might be better, but you have to ask yourself how much those corners really matter and whether they're worth the money. I would personally choose option number 1. I don't think the 70-200/4 would be significantly better, the VR II will cost a load more money for insignificant gain.

Can you post an example of where you've found the corners so unsatisfactory?

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