Nikon D600 gold award

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Re: Nikon D600 gold award

sensibill wrote:

philbot wrote:

The D600 is in a class of its own, I suspect the A99 will be in the D800 class as far as DPreview scores are concerned, and thus I'd expect it will not get gold for the EVF and 1/3 stop SLT loss...

But I think for the money, the D600 deserves it's score!

A57 got gold with EVF and 1/3 stop SLT loss...

In an aps-c camera, the large EVF didn't get much flak, however in the full frame arena where it competes with bright/large OVFs, I hear far more debate over the subject, so I am expecting dpreview to mirror this.

I prefer EVF myself, but my gut feeling is dpreview will sit on the fence with it, but will mark the camera down due to the increased noise..

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