NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

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Do you work for Sony?

H. Paul Moon wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Mr. Moon appears to be over zealous and marketing the 5R. The 5N is better in low light according to DxO, but he is claiming the opposite without any proof.

Overall, I'm daring to stoke the general impulse endemic in consumer electronics, for owners of older-generation gear to fight fiercely against any possibility that they don't have the newest toy.

The DxO tests fail to categorize test results according to NEW modes on the NEX-5R, so it's not apples-to-apples anyway.

Your comments seems to stretch the truth.

DxO tests the sensors in an apples to apples way, while you suggest adding in other varibles to distort the truth and sell this newer model.

We know PDAF does NOT work in low light and the 5N is superior in these conditions.

I was hoping to sell one of my Alpha cameras and lenses and replacit with a NEX 6 or 5R, but so far there is nothign compelling to me and in fact from the DxO tests, the new sensor is getting farther away from what I want.

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