5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Really?

Kabe Luna wrote:

In silent shutter mode, sure there is longer shutter lag and and mirror blackout with the 5DIII, but I can't perceive any significant difference between it and the D800 in the normal drive modes. My internal clock doesn't operate in milliseconds.

I did not notice difference at first.

Only after getting used to it for while and then switching back to D800 is when I noticed longer shutter lag and the intrusive VF mirror blackout.

On D800 the VF mirror blackout is almost unnoticeable or invisible but it is quite noticeable on the 5D3 in non-quiet mode.

I've read before from probably some fanboys that 5D3 shutter lag and mirror blackout time were a huge improvement and close to 1D/1DX class but they are not even close in my book.

They are better than those from 5D2 but nowhere near 1D class perfomance.

Another performance that has been blown out of proportion is the quiet mode.

It is not as quiet as I've hoped.

My previous D7000 quiet mode was much quieter.

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