5N or F3 ?

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Re: 5N or F3 ?

The 5N vs F3 decision is not such an easy choice IMO and a question that has come up a few times without too much discussion. In your case it seems the issue is whether, assuming you plan to purchase the 55-200 lens in any event, the 5N is worth $150-$200 more than the F3 (figuring the lens would cost $300-$350 in addition to the 5N cost). This will depend on what features are most important to you. The 5N is smaller, has the touch screen, wider ISO spread and has faster burst shooting. The F3 has a built in flash, clear zoom, portrait mode (can't recall what this is actually called, but it crops portrait shots automatically) and the screen tilts 180 degrees so you can take photos of yourself (although the screen doesn't tilt down as much as the 5N for overhead shots). Image quality between the two should be fairly similar, I believe.

If you value the 5N features more, I guess you need to ask how much they are worth to you if budget is an issue. If you value the F3 features, it's probably an easier decision because you can save yourself some money.  If like many (including me) each has features you want, the next step up is the NEX 6, which has most things, but not all, at yet a higher price point.  My guess is that unless you have some specific features in mind that are must-haves and only one of the two cameras has it, you will be happy with either camera.

I'm not sure how much that helps, but hope it at least provides a little to consider.

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