Epson R1800 plugged nozzles and fuzzy black

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Re: Epson R1800 plugged nozzles and fuzzy black

kcbeatty wrote:

RailroadMan wrote:

The system I bought is from Lamicci_shop on eBay. It looks similar to others. Doesn't seem to be anything special. But the system is well constructed and the tanks and cartridges are attached into single packages to make installaing them easy.

I already inquired and they do not offer any advice other than what I have indicated below. My experiments indicate raising the tanks higher than they suggested works better.

My task is to unplug the nozzles and so far nothing is working. The problem is in the K (black) color. The printout pattern is banded.

Nick Geti

Hi Nick,

I took a look at the system you bought and it is the same system sold by many vendors. I'm not going to recommend you doing anything against the vendors instructions. Other vendor instructions tell you to put the ink tanks 2 inches above the printer level.

But, your main problem right now appears to be a malfunctioning PK ink cartridge or a plugged nozzle or air locked nozzle.

You can get a cleaning kit from, or use the unclogging proceedures posted here on this forum, you should be able to search and find several.

Option 2 may to be to replace the CISS. Your cartridges are attached together as one unit so just replacing the single cart is not an easy option. So it looks like the permanent solution may to be to replace the CIS system. Like you I purchased a real cheap system from an Ebay vendor and also had a failure. What I did was to spend a little more and purchase from a well respected vendor, there are several with a good reputation, recommended by users on this forum. That way you have someone to talk to if any issue comes up and get replacements parts if anything goes wrong. I use the CCIS from there are several other vendors,, and just to name a few.

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I wise man once told me that "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect "

If there is an air leak at the units (cartridges) that attach to the printer, suggest using a glue gun to apply a small amount of hot glue around the tubing that fits into the cartridge. A few weeks ago, I read this suggestion that was posted on the Dpreview Forums. I know who posted it but can't immediately recall his posting identification -- but He is a very knowledgeable person and helps many with issues such as you are having. If you are getting air in the feed line, that probably is where the problem is for the air leak

Regarding the CIS: I have one on one of my R800 printers from Inkjetcarts and it has operated basically without issue. The recommended place for placing the ink feeder bottles (all are in the plastic holder) is on the same level as the printer. That is what I do and without any issue. My installation is where that it seems the feeder tubings are longer than needed so I just hang the series of tubing in an oval (or arch) between the ink and the printer.

I will re-read your post and see if there were other issues you are having.

Edit to add:  I believe it was Zone8 that discussed the sbove.

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