Toronto war memorial defaced in ‘hate crime’

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Re: Thank you Simon

Marcamera wrote:

Simon Gallup wrote:

I know you Canadians love that after all these centuries you can finally make that claim...

Only... not today

$1 CDN = .99 cents US.... dang... so close

Actually, it is abt 0.9978, so, if you know how to round off to hundredths......

easily veifiable at

Strong CAD dollar is not that good for Canada export economy.


Thank you stalker, for verifying that the Canadian dollar is not worth more than the US dollar.

I never need your help, but thanks for your interest in assisting me.

For taking my bait on the "Stupid" thread. I knew you would.

Yeah I see you started by saying you had "A certain person in mind"... then claimed "that one person" was everyone you dislike... that responded in it. Genius play !... for a 12 yr old.

Wow... some "bait". Some maturity too.

Have you really actually looked up a word stalker in a dictionary?

Yes. And we've been over this, long ago.

Number two - refresh your basic math, start with rounding off.

How does this stupid response disprove my point that the Canadian dollar is NOT worth more than the US Dollar... as I said to Brian ?

I was absolutely correct.

And btw... if "rounding up" is what it takes for you to feel equal to others... I feel bad for you


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