Tip about naming your Memory card Volumn Name

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Re: Tip about naming your Memory card Volumn Name

ericN2 wrote:

Bill wider.. but you can't change it , whsatever your likings...Phew !!!... not for me I think.....Borne wrote:

Liz Z. wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

If you use a card reader and look at your card in Windows File Manager you can rightclick it and choose properties. Then where you see the Volumn Name you can change it to anything you want such as example below. then when you load the card in memory reader you can see it as new name

Cheers, Bill

This was quite helpful, since I never seem to able to remember which drive holds my SD card! It now has a new name that even I will not fail to recognize: "RX100 SD." Creative and original, no?

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Yes and I'm proud I came up with it on my own without reading it somewhere

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Gee Whizzz!.. the things you can learn on this Forum............

Now will somebody please explain to me WHY the RX1 is supposed to be worth (in UK anyway)...best part of 3,000 UKP...by the time you may have added a couple of little things that we always seem to have to buy extra.. for a FIXED lens.. which is 30mm.. as it happens not that far off my favourite FL at least (although I'd prefer a ‚Äčlittle wider by choice)... but you can't do that anyway !!! I didn't have to pay this sort of valuation for my Leica M's.. and had what choice of lenses I wanted then... !! CRAZY !!!!!!!!!

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You should see what some members of this Forum pay for their timepieces,
more than a Timex by a factor of 10.000.

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