Does There Exist A D600 Without Oil Spot Problem?

Started Nov 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Does There Exist A D600 Without Oil Spot Problem?

marike6 wrote:

I heard the D600s doesn't have dust and oil, but actually Italian Dressing on the sensor. Seriously this is getting beyond ridiculous. Has this collective forum never owned a DSLR before? ALL DSLRs will get dust on the sensor at one point or another. It takes 2 minutes to clean off with Pec Pads and Eclipse.

Nikon keeps producing superb, class leading FF DSLRs, and this forum keeps sh*@ting all over them. The Canon and Sony forums are laughing at Nikon because apparently users don't know how to clean a DSLR sensor.

Lastly, the search function is there for a reason. The reason why people like the OP think this dust issue (real or imaginary) is more prevalent that it is because this question is being asked OVER and OVER again.

Get informed before talking nonsense.

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