7D focusing with Expansion

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Re: 7D focusing with Expansion

Dale Garman wrote:

I just upgraded from a 30D and realized learning the new focusing system would be a challenge. So I have been playing. I was surprised to find that when using expanded AF that it seems signficantly softer than when using a single point (as in nothing much seems to be completely in focus).

I as shooting at 3.2 (so relatively narrow DOF) and ISO 200 so that the ISO speed would not affect the outcome.

Have othes experienced this or is it operator error.

Unless you do sports photography or tracking moving subjects ( kids, running dogs, wife/girlfriend  etc) you don't need the expansion AF points.

If you do any of the above then use the "back focus" button to activate the AF AI Servo and track your subject and the shutter button to take the picture(s).

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