Macro flash adaptor for $40 and an example of it in use

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Re: Macro flash adaptor for $40 and an example of it in use

Peter 1745 wrote:

Good work. I might do something similar. I've just got the new Oly 60mm macro and am exploring lighting options for it..

Since this is an internally focusing lens the doughnut doesn't need to be circular and I would probable go for a rectangular shape. This would allow the light to be shone from wider angles.

My principal concern is the mounting of the unit to the lens. The easy way is to fit it onto the hood but I think it may be to heavy for the hood mountings.

How much does your unit weigh?

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Regards, Peter 'Keep taking the photos'

Apologies for the slow response - have been out of town. The PVC pipe and polycarbonate ring assembly weighs 140 grms, and doesn't really stress the old Nikkor hood that sits on, although I guess that there is a bit of stress from the forward pressure of the fibre optic bundles, which I might shorten down once I get a bit more experience in using it.

I'd also pondered whether to buy a 60 mm macro as they have a cash back offer here in NZ at the moment, but decided to stick with my tamron. If I had, I figured that a reasonable way to go would be to buy say a 46-52 step up ring and expoxy it onto a piece of polycarbonate shaped in a similar fashion as I have here, and that could then screw directly onto the filter thread. And you have the major advantage of internal focussing and fixed lens length, which should work in your favour - you should be able to fix your cable length very easily.

It would need to be downsized, and its shape would also depend on how wide you wanted to get your lighting - the fibre optic cables emit light on about a 60 degree arc, and so how far you position them out to the side will depend in part on what your most common working distances would be - a more flexible alternative would be to find a couple of bendable arms to hold the fibre bundles in place, but I couldn't track down anything locally that would do that. Would be interested to see what you end up with...

Regards, John

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