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Re: Support Papa John's Pizza

Wheatfield wrote:

Simon Gallup wrote:

The "core" employees, the ones that are there year-round, are the ones that are working full time and have full benefits.

I thought you just said that he isn't keeping employees more than a few months?

No,  never said that.

Are all your arguments based on things you THINK other people said ?!

The Affordable Health Care Act shouldn't put any strain on him for short term seasonal employees of that age demographic (they are covered by their parents until age 26 or some such)

It puts strain on all small businesses. That's the point.

And if you're going to say parents should keep those kids insured until they're 26, why are you complaining that this Papa Johns owner isn't insuring them?

You make no sense.

We're talking "pizza".... not fine dining.

You are talking pizza

The whole thread is about pizza.


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