Found my 'eye', and lost my mind. . . (un-methodical test of new lens)

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tko wrote:

This is a perfect example of my oft repeated statement - it's the lens that decides light gathering, not the sensor,

Or more precisely, it's an effective aperture of the lens, not the sensor. That's why telescopes are rated in terms of diameter, not in terms of f-stop.

So, yes, there is no escape, if one wants good low light capabilities he has to get a big lens with large aperture, no matter how small or large the sensor is. Or putting it another way: there will never be a pocketable camera with good very low light capabilities as it goes against the laws of physics.

and the optimum system matches the body size to the lens sizes that will be typically used (i.e., no point in matching a 800MM F2.8 lens to a cell phone, although you could in theory)

Of course, your perfectly valid argument could be that you can convert your "big" system into a smaller one by simple changing lenses at any time.

Yep, that's exactly the argument, people prefer one versatile system rather than several more limited systems, even though they need to jump through the hoops and pay more.

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